How many of you selling A900/A850 for A99 ?

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Re: How many of you selling A900/A850 for A99 ?

I bought my A77 in January and sold my A900 in late April thinking I would be getting top dollar then, --avoiding crush of later sellers dropping the A900 selling prices as sellers go into a sort of panic trying to get rid of theirs.  I was right; I sold my body-only for $1900 and grip separately for $360.  Home Run!  The A77 was a leap forward for me but I paid top dollar for it at a time when they were in short supply and high demand.

I was certain I would be buying the A99 but I see now it is not worth $2700 on top of what I already paid for the A77. To me the A99 is an A77 in a full frame body.  I'll wait for the next generation full frame offering from Sony.  Over time I owned three A900s and one A850.  I am not going backwards by buying another.

I still feel stung by the price I paid for my A77 I guess.

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