RFN-4s wireless remote and 24mm PC-E?

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Re: RFN-4s wireless remote and 24mm PC-E?

Robin Casady wrote:

Also be aware that the RFN-4s does not work with using CH for shooting a bracketing sequence on the D800/E.

Using Live View and CH for a bracketing sequence is pretty slick on the D800/E. You set the number of bracketing shots, set exposure mode to CH, turn on LV, and hold the shutter down. The mirror stays up while it shoots the number of shots in the bracketing sequence then stops. This minimizes the amount of movement by subject matter in the frame.

This process works with any of the wired remotes, the wireless Pixel Pro RW-211 on Bulb setting, but it does not work reliably with the RFN-4s.
Robin Casady

Sorry to bring up an old post, but I'm glad I ordered this RFN-4s unit anyway, in spite of Robin Casady telling it won't work with bracketing burst.

It works just fine with bracketing... Set the camera to bracket for 5 shots... press and hold the release button on the remote, shutter fires 5 times. No problem whatsoever.

Once again proof that you should always try things for yourself......

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