Recording time/overheating: Sony has done NOTHING to fix this problem on the NEX-5R

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Re: Recording time/overheating: Sony has done NOTHING to fix this problem on the NEX-5R

FuzzyQball wrote:

It's all about money.  How many more cameras would they sell if it didn't overheat?  Is it possible to fix at low cost? Would it then take sales away of video cameras?  Bottom line is that they are in business to make money, and the decision is driven by $.

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For the most part, I agree with your statement. It is likely true regarding the overheating issue of the OP. But...

There is little excuse for Sony not addressing other issues in the Nex line with a firmware upgrade. There are many things that could be improved with a little software development. I have bought (and generally been happy with) my Nex 7 and several lenses. But it is hard to buy into a company that will not stand behind their produce and continue to invest in supporting those customers that helped them break into a new market.

The Japanese coined the term Kaizen. Constant improvement in a principal driven organization has been shown to mean that you listen to your customers, refine, and develop products that get better over time.

I am disappointed in Sony. Here it seems to mean having shortcomings. Then only solving them in new model. Or, in the case of overheating, not solving them at all.

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