POLL on VOTING system......................

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Re: POLL on VOTING system......................

I also think it's horrible that you (as in, you personally) cannot write ANYTHING without getting thumbs down. This is sheer bullying and a display of unreasonable enmity. Thankfully, it doesn't seem that negative votes will have any effect on the forum (early on, DPR wanted to auto-hide posts below a certain treshold), but it's still not what should reasonably be happening.

I don't like this. The forum residents might disagree with each other and the discussion might get very heated at moments, but votes have long started getting personal and utterly unrelated to the content of the posts.

Since the votes are probably here to stay, given how the poll was structured, I think they should at least show who voted how. Might at least tone this down a bit...

(Note: this post does not mean that I agree with your views on 1022; quite the opposite. But I sure as hell ain't gonna ad hominem thumb you down just because.)

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