photographyblog SX50 HS Review just up

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Re: photographyblog SX50 HS Review just up

Hosebag wrote:

The article calls it a "clunky beast" and is not much smaller than a DSLR, which I believe is true.

This might be a nice camera if it had some non-slip surfaces on it. My SX40 feels like I am going to drop it easily. The Nikon P510 has rubber panels on it and it feels like you won't drop it.

The problem with these bulky cameras is you just really have to plan when you are going to use them. I got a bit bored with the SX40 and have replaced it with the tiny 8x Canon 230 Ixus which gives the same quality pictures and is so much more useable. The best was the SX20 which had all the zoom you really needed and was such a pleasure to handle. The SX40 is like trying to take a picture holding a brick without the large sensor quality to compensate.

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