Very dissapointed with the Autofocus system of my new Canon 5D MKIII

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Re: Very dissapointed with the Autofocus system of my new Canon 5D MKIII

Autofocus also tends to vary with different lenses as well. Newer models seem to focus better than older models (at least with Nikon).

I have a D800E and a Canon 40D. Obviously the 40D is several years old but in good light its AF is fine for me. The D800E AF is quite sophisticated (as long as you receive a good camera that is, I think the AF issues have finally been conquered but there is always some doubt that a few dud copies are still sitting on shelves somewhere for sale).

Face recognition is a good feature of the D800. I was videoing with AF and face recognition on the other day with a 50mm F1.8g and it was fascinating watching the little box frame around the faces in the scene and move around when they moved. Quite advanced technology.

I couldn't answer your specific question though about how it would go in a neon light backlit situation. I think it would focus on what the focal point lights up if set in face recognition mode. I'd say that is veyr likely.

One thing though is both this and the 5D3 are very complex so how sure are you that you had all the right settings set for this scenario? I have had my D800E since June and am still learning about its abilities. I read 5D3 menu choices for AF are quite complex so perhaps there is a setting there that is better suited to that neon backlit scenario.


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