On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

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Re: On my second D600: Broken diopter adjustment

michaeladawson wrote:

elewis wrote:

I assume you now that the camera has to be turned on (not just having a battery) before the viewfinder or Diopter adjustment works.

Good luck

Interesting claim.  Is the D600 different than the other Nikon bodies?  I don't own a D600.  But I do have a D4 and D800.  Both cameras quite visibly show the diopter adjustment with the camera off.  Camera is off...  turn the diopter adjustment knob...  viewfinder goes blurry.

So I'm suspicious of your claim.

I'm afraid you are wrong on this one, without the battery all you see is a blurry image in a brand new camera, at least the first time you use it. If I recall, it has something to do with the piece that projects the OCD in the viewfinder not properly aligned or something similar.

Your test works because the mirror was already in the correct position when you removed the battery. If he tried to adjust before the battery was charged and in the camera, chances are that the diopter was working fine, but the image was focusing somewhere else well outside the diopter correction range.

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