Some colors of A77 and B/W as well

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Re: Some colors of A77 and B/W as well

I particularly like the first shot - the depth of scene combined with the sense of motion and texture created by the seagulls in flight. Indeed I like the quality of the clouds - which give that sense of depth - in all of the first 3 photos.

The 4th image (lone seagull) does nothing for me.

The longer I look at the 5th image, the more I like it - the similar silhouettes [gulls with wings outstretched] - scaled and rotated creating a pattern between order and chaos.

Returning to the first image it is a shame that (to my eye) a couple of birds are clipped on the right hand edge of the frame. This because the eye is particularly drawn towards the large gull in the right foreground. I wonder if PP-ing out the clipped gulls would strengthen the image.

Cheers - Spike

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