D70s and tele lens --> is there an option to fix a minimum shutter speed?

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Re: D70s and tele lens --> is there an option to fix a minimum shutter speed?

Sammy Yousef wrote:

jpdenk wrote:

You're going to have to turn up the ISO. I don't know if the people responding about the D70 not doing high ISO well have actually used one, as I'm a bit puzzled by their remarks.  My experience with my D70 that I shot with for 6 years is that as long as you expose correctly, it's very usable all the way to its maximum ISO of 1,600, especially if you shoot NEF's and know what you're doing when you convert to JPG. I'm not saying you won't see noise at 1,600, but it's not bad at all, and very sharp.

Still own a couple of them, and there are photos in my gallery from that camera, but I hated high ISO on it. I usually did shoot with auto ISO on as insurance but my results were poor enough that I tried to always use it in light that was good enough that the ISO never went up past 400.

I typically print A4, and when I want to enjoy a photo I'll view it on my wife's 55 inch TV though, so I'm probably more noise sensitive than most.

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I never used auto-ISO, and usually shot at ISO 400 about half the time, ISO 200 otherwise. I rarely ever had to go higher than ISO 400, but did once in a great while and results were decent. I did shoot NEF's though, and can't comment on in-camera JPG's from it other than to say they were always too soft for my taste, which is why I shot NEF's. My ISO 400 results were very clean and sharp, no complaints about noise, and I viewed mine on a 50" HD-TV too.

Here's a full-res shot at ISO 1,600 from my D70. Noise is visible, but not a problem, IMO.


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