Time Machine: Disaster recovery or incremental data backup...???

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Re: Time Machine: Disaster recovery or incremental data backup...???

Chioti wrote:

Leo wrote:

jasuk wrote:

I'd stick with TM for both uses. IME it works 100% in each case. I had cause two nights ago to run a Disaster Recovery via TM:

  1. 1 Boot from Leo DVD

  1. 2 Format drive with Disk Utility

  1. 3 Run Restore from TM

  1. 4 Wait.....

  1. 5 Reboot and continue.

The #1 reason why I prefer TM is simple; its simple: I don't need to remember to do anything else.

IF HD is OK and I just want to restore it with TM. Should I format the HD or TM can replace files?

Thank you?

If you are doing a TM restore it will overwrite the entire HD.  No need to reformat.

Which I didn't know the one time I did a TM restore and ended out wiping out my entire hard drive (not all of which was backed up on TM.) Fortunately I had just backed up everything to Crash Plan (www.crashplan.com) and I was able to restore my hard drive without losing a thing. Time Machine will never see the light of day on my Mac again.

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