Complete beginner... Which camera??? Which book???? ~*~Thanks!~*~

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Re: Complete beginner... Which camera??? Which book???? ~*~Thanks!~*~

I'll respectfully disagree with everyone who has given you camera suggestions so far - I think DSLR is likely the wrong choice.

If I were you (and I was recently in a similar situation) I'd look at either an advanced point & shoot or a mirrorless system. Why? Simply put, pocketability and portability without sacrificing image quality (much).

In advanced point and shoot I'd look at:

Panasonic LX5 - good low light for a P&S

Nikon P7100 - good range for a P&S

Canon G12 - good all-rounder P&S (but best at nothing)

All are about to be replaced so can be had for deep discounts (i.e. $350 or less). Advanced point and shoots all suffer from slower focus speed/burst rate than other cameras (I see you have a little one like me - if yours is like mine getting a "keeper" picture can be frustrating). All are "coat/jacket pocketable"

The next step up would be mirrorless cameras. With their "pancake primes" they can also be "coat/jacket pocketable" and even with their zoom lenses can be 50% lighter/smaller than their DSLR counterpart.

Panasonic GX1 - my personal favourite $469 with kit lense (Olympus has an equivalent but I forget which).

Sony NEX - better sensor than the panasonic/olympus but more costly and poorer lense choice.

Nikon 1 system - I prefer the V1 because of battery life, others prefer it because it has a viewfinder. Choose the J1 if neither matter to you. CHEAP CHEAP with huge discounts right now. Faster autofocus and focus tracking than some DSLRs. Some have reported not so good in low light, others have not.

With all of these there is a "crop factor" which means you need to convert their lense specifications to the equivalent 35mm specification. I personally would choose a prime lense (i.e. 50mm equivalent) for pocketability/portability and low light and a zoom that reaches to 200mm equivalent.

I left Fuji off the list, even though they might be my favourite, because in the P&S category I find the X10 slightly too large to be coat pocketable and in the mirrorless they kind of break your budget. Remember taces, SD card, case, and extra battery (if you think you need it) will eat into your budget. If you decide to shoot in RAW you will also want to buy post processing software like Lightroom.


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