Can I say Canon 85 f/1.8 is better than Nikon 85 f/1.8G based on this..

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Re: Nobody has provided you with the correct explanation.

This is on the right track but not quite correct. The false colours are indeed due to longitudinal chromatic aberration. Notice the purple colour on black objects in front of the plane of focus. You actually have to put the focus plane behind, not in front of the black object to get the purple colour. If you focus in front of the black object it will appear green. Even if you focus for maximum sharpness it may have a slight colour tint (usually purple in my experience). The position for maximum sharpness does not necessarily correspond absolutely exactly to the position of neutral colour.

This site used to have some images for the Canon 100 F2 with quite a strong purple tint on the black, but they did them again, focussed for neutral colour, and that is what you see now. The site is indeed biased against Nikon, as images for many of the Nikon lenses are focussed to give a quite strong purple to brownish tint. They could have done that for most Canon lenses which also tend to have longitudinal CA that is just as bad, but they focus all the Canon images for neutral colour. Sigma lenses tend to have less longitudinal CA (several are claimed to be apochromatic), but they tend to have worse flare than Nikon or Canon.

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