Why do I want a FF D800E ?

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Re: AHHHH - so your question was rhetorical ?

awaldram wrote:

Whether or not the k5 had equal IQ for the OP's use you have no idea , Given the two sensors share the same heritage then within a limited shooting enviroment the 16Mp AP-c sensor will match the D800 and with the lower ISO may even exceed it.

Not sure what you mean by this but... if a sensor outperforms another sensor in spec, then I really don't see how it could exceed it. That being said I could see the K-5 match the D800 if an image was small reduced enough so as to obscure the resolution advantage. Though I must say, that after some pixel peeping of my own, I've found that the the D800 resolutiojn advantage would come-up even with downsized images as small as 1600px.

Having said all that, I don't know if my this was limited to the samples I was peeping, but... it seems as though the FF sensor excels in red channel detail in contrast to the APS-C. No clue why this is, but... I found that really stood out also.

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