HOT: Magic Lantern cracks the Canon EOS 7D!

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Re: HOT: Magic Lantern cracks the Canon EOS 7D!

Y0GI wrote:

Clark666 wrote:

Why doesn't Canon include these features in its firmware?  Wouldn't it sell a lot of cameras?

It is all about Marketing.  If Canon offered the sun, the moon and the stars in the current model, what would be left for the next 'latest and greatest camera'?

Higher resolution, less gain noise and banding, better high ISO performance, higher framerate, wider dynamic range, native HDR, faster and more accurate AF, even better ergonomics, additional features such as wifi, GPS, USB 3.0, and maybe even a thunderbolt port for tethered recording of raw video.  There is a /lot/ Canon can add that will draw new and upgrade customers.  Besides, whether or not you run magic lantern, your camera will eventually wear out so sooner or later it will be time to replace it regardless. There really isn't anything Canon can do to detract from new sales as far as supporting software products like CHDK/ML or even third-party raw converters like DCRaw (and don't think Canon begrudges Lightroom, Aperture, etc. or views them as direct competition - they offer Digital Photo Professional only because if they didn't, they would not sell as many cameras. It's really just a basic tool to get newbies started, kind of like Wordpad and Paint in M$ Windows, and supports some Canon features that Aperture and Lightroom do not).

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