How are you liking your NX1000?

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Re: How are you liking your NX1000?

monkeybrain wrote:

aeys wrote:

1.1 JPG - NEX is famous for its ncie JPG engine (low noise), NX is not that famous (still good, suffer a bit from smear effect in noise reduction)

I was under the impression that the NEX jpeg engine used overly aggressive noise reduction and smudged some details away, although I must state I haven't owned a NEX so can't speak from experience. That's just the impression I always get from seeing samples across the Sony line.

To the original poster, I'd suggest trying the cameras out first. Some things can't be decided by stats: do you like the style of pics each camera produces? (Sony colour vs. Samsung colour). Do you like the feel of the cameras? Their ergonomics? The Samsung interface on the camera is, in my opinion, quite a bit better than the Sony's.

Lens are very important. Samsung's are good and relatively cheap and small. Sony's get quite a lot of negative reviews, but we must remember that Sony is going to bring out probably a lot more lenses because the NEX is very successful.

you can do al those things on your pc.

and i really don't know why nex5n is doing so much better then the nx200 for example which i have. with the nx200 you can get alot more lenses for a better price instead of spending 1k for 1 lens.

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