It's been four years and I think it's time to upgrade my PC

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Re: I never rush to buy....

Jim Cockfield wrote:

Dell has a 15% off coupon available for refurbished XPS 8500 desktops right this second (expires tmrw morning).  So, you'll want to use that option today (as there is not telling how long ti will be before you see another one like that).  It might be next week, it might be next month, or it might not be until next year. lol

I just looked at the current listings and they still had some with a Core i7 3770, 7200rpm TB Drive, DVD writer, Wireless N with Bluetooth, 64 Bit Win 7 Home Premium, 12GB of 1600Mhz DDR3, and an Nvidia GT 640 video card with 1GB of GDDR5 for $819.   They come with a 1 year warranty with in home service after remote diagnostics, too.

So, after a coupon code for more off, that system would only run you around $697 with free shipping.   That's a very good deal, especially considering that the GT 640 video card from Dell has roughly the same performance as the GT 650 (since Dell uses an OEM version of the GT 640 with 384 CUDA cores and faster GDDR5, whereas the retail versions of the GT 640 use slower GDDR3).   They have boxes with the Radeon HD 7570 for a bit less. But, I'd go with the GT 640 if choosing between them.

But, you tend to see a "feeding frenzy" when they have coupon sales for more off of the Dell Outlet machines.  So, you have to check the listings often and act fast when you find one like that.

IOW, add a system that has that kind of pricing to your cart fast or someone else will grab the same listing.  Basically, just ignore the options screen (warranty stuff, etc.) after you click on a system, then immediately add it to your cart (which requires plugging in  "Captcha" text).

Until you do that and it's actually in your cart, anyone else can grab the same system (and sometimes when they have coupon codes, it can be a "feeding frenzy" and tough to grab one of the better deals).   
So, when you spot one you like, add it to your cart immediately (ignore the first options screens for more warranty stuff, etc.), as you can change that kind of thing later  if desired *after* it's in your cart so that nobody else can grab the same system.

Note that a system added to your cart is automatically removed after 15 minutes if you don't make any changes.   That's one reason you see the listings change pretty often.  What happens is that some buyers add multiple systems to their cart, then decide on the one they want and remove the others.   So, the listings get updated with systems that were removed from carts (or the ones returned to the available listings because the 15 minute time limit expired).

So, it can take practice to grab the best deals, depending on the amount of systems they have available.

Just check the listings often and when you find one you like, quickly add it to your cart (click on it, ignore any extra options and immediately click the add to cart button and enter the Captcha text required so that it's in your cart).  Then, make any changes you want to make *after* it's in your cart so that nobody else can get the same system.

Current listings for the XPS 8500 (and I'd use the drop down menu to sort by lowest price first)   Just look for one like that (Core i7 3770, 2TB Drive, GT 640 video card, etc.) for $819, and after the current coupon code, you'd only spend about $697 for it.

You'll see the 15% off coupon on this page (again, I think it expires at 9:00AM CST tmrw morning, as that's what the e-mail I got from Dell Outlet said, as I'm on their mailing list for specials like that):

Example of some systems right this second are in the link to a screen capture below.   They have a listing with a Core i5 3450 CPU, 1TB Drive, 8GB of DDR3 and HD 7570 video card for $549.  So, that one would only run you around $467, and would still give you a big performance increase over your existing system.  So if you're on a tighter budget, I'd grab one like that.  You could always upgrade the memory, add an SSD, etc. later yourself (very simple to do, at much lower cost than Dell wants for those types of add-ons).

Again the listings change *very* often (as often as every minute or two).  So, just refresh the screen often when looking at the listings and be fast adding a system to your cart if you find one within your budget (otherwise, someone else will get it, as it's not actually in your cart until click on the "Add to Cart" button and  you enter the Captha code for it).  Just make any desired changes *after* it's in your cart (skip the initial warranty option screens, etc, as you can change that stuff later).

Here's a screen capture showing systems like those (first two listings). Prices are *before* the 15% off coupon code (which expires tmrw morning).

Link to larger image:

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Appreciate your heads-up on this great deal - but I have to understand what I'm buying - can't make up my mind that fast.



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