Comparing the 70(80)-200 F2.8 Lenses

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Re: Comparing the 70(80)-200 F2.8 Lenses

Shield3 wrote:

Well I'll give you my opinion.  I've owned two Sony 70-200g's and 3 sigma 70-200 lenses.  Two of the Sigmas were the 2nd to last version (HSM II without OS) and now I have the "newest" version with OS built-in.



Thanks for the information Shawn. Thats quite a bit of experience you have had - 2 Sonys, 3 Sigmas, and a Tamron thrown in for good luck.

I'm surprised and disappointed to hear that your Sonys were not sharp wide open. I had thought that would be a given.

On this question of sharpness at F2.8, can you give any indication (for both the Sony and Sigmas) whether the softness was across the entire frame or more limited to the edges - how much centre sharpness was maintained?

Thankyou for confirming what I'd read about the Tamron - good quality images (and good price of course), but not so great for action, particularly in low light situations due to a tendency to hunt.

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