The Sigma approach is finally getting the recognition due...

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Re: TIFF approach as good and in some ways better

Kendall Helmstetter Gelner wrote:

petr marek wrote:

Nothing else matters... for Sigma, unfortunately. What does matter, at least for me (and I can live with all bugs Merrills have, including high ISO IQ), is missing Lightroom (or any usable RAW developing program) support for X3F Merrills.

I disagree.  SPP has all of the adjustments you need in a program meant to convert RAW data into an image for further work.

I've used SPP recently and must say that after a while it was load picture in SPP, adjust WB and save to tiff as quickly as possible. Now that I have LR4 watching a designated folder (thank you SCT member) my time with SPP is down to a minimum.

Sigma really needs to offer info to Adobe and others so that they can support X3F files.

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