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Re: Macro Lens for a77

bosnian wrote:

Hey Guys,

I have been looking for a macro lens for my a77 and thought I found a winner in Tokina 100mm 2.8 (love the brand since I got my 11-16 2.8) but they don't make the lens in alpha mount. I was looking at Sony equivalent, but after looking at few reviews (photozone included), I am having difficulties justifying twice the price of Tokina for a lesser lens.

Any other lenses worthy? Tamron 90mm? Sigma 150mm?

I would like a lens that is very good at being a portrait lens as it would be at macro work. And I don't care if its new or used (would not mind old Minolta glass for example)


Thank you for your time.

Which reviews say the Sony 100/2.8 is a lesser lens than the Tokina? They may be close, but the Sony should have better resolution at every aperture over the Tokina. If budget is the issue, buy one of the Minolta versions as they are the same lens as the Sony minus the outside shell and digital coatings which don't matter that much when it comes to macro work anyway. You should be able to pick up pristine copy's from KEH or Adorama for around $400.

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