Aperture 3: Every date is January

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Re: Sounds like something is 'stuck'

noirdesir wrote:

I can only recommend the standard ways of replacing/repairing things that might have some influence on this.

  • delete the Aperture preference file(s) (keep the old one)

Apple hides files very effectively.  (1)  Where would I find the Aperture preference files on the hard disk, and (2) how can I keep the old one if I delete it?  Sorry that I am such a naif, but my prior experience is with computer operating systems where all of the pipes and wires are exposed in plain sight.

  • try a new Aperture library, and if that solves the problem:

It does not.  I must amend my initial post; it now appears that every image file in every library in Aperture going back three years or more has been modified to show the month as January.

  • repair Aperture library permissions (open the library with alt-cmd)

When I attempt to open the library with Option (alt)-Command, Aperture itself opens in that library.

  • repair Aperture library

I attempted to do that, using the procedure in the Aperture Help topic "Repairing ..." but ran into the same difficulty:  holding Option and Command while double-clicking on the library simply opens Aperture, not the dialogue box shown in the Help topic.

  • rebuild Aperture library (maybe try this first on an export of part of your troublesome library)

See above.

  • try a new OS user account

I did that, and received a response that Aperture could not be opened, and a suggestion that I repair permissions -- which I cannot do for the reason state above.

  • re-install Aperture
  • there is more on the OS level but start with the above first

Thank you for your suggestions.  I appreciate your taking the time to respond.  It appears that I have hit a dead end.

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