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Re: TIFF approach as good and in some ways better

petr marek wrote:

Main problems with SPP weren´t with adjustment scheme, but with overall functionality. When installed I have to change main timezone settings to GMT otherwise loupe and zooming of X3F image won´t work(!). When changed, some other programs won´t work, so I have to change it back after working in SPP. It´s bizarre. On my strong PC (for full HD video editing etc.) with Win7 64-bit it´s slow and often unstable.

Second thing is, when I work with my SD14 x3f in Lightroom or Silkypix, I can reach better results with much wider possibilities and corrections than in SPP (e.g. RGB camera calibration in Lightroom does a great job with higher ISO files etc...)

On your first paragraph, if you're referring to Merrill X3F files, you need to load them in full resolution mode before the loupe and zooming will work. Click the 'full res' button to load full resolution. This is different on the Merrill's than on previous cameras' X3F files.  Also, someone in Europe found that the , (comma) in European style numbers instead of . (period) affects how SPP works. I forget the details, but I've never heard of GMT time zone affecting.... perhaps it's something to do with , vs .

Best regards, Sandy (archival) (current, DP2Merrill photos)

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