a77 for events/weddings - now or wait?

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Re: a77 for events/weddings - now or wait?

philbot wrote:

mrmjs wrote:

These are my current lenses:

Sony DT 35 F1.8 
Sony DT 50 F1.8
Sony 85 F2.8
Sony DT 16-50 F2.8
Minolta 135 F2.8
Tamron 70-200 F2.8

I'm fine getting the a99, but I'd have to get lenses as well. I figure I can get the a77 now, make a few bucks with it and save for the a99.

For those or you who use the a77 for events/weddings. Are you happy with the low light performance of the a77? And is the AF faster and more accurate then the a580?

Thanks for your help.

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I've done 3 weddings with the A77.. (Only for family/friends, I'm not a pro)

Ultimately low-light performance is going to be 1/3 stop worse then the A580 due to the SLT, and on top of that, The RAW has a mass of chroma noise initially, but the colours are hugely saturated in the RAW files compared to the A580, so I am finding if you adjust for that, you are only about that SLT 1/3 stop off in reality..

(just to see what I'm saying, look on DPReviews comparisons, and see how much more vibrant the A77 colours are, hereherehere etc).. you can apply a lot of chroma NR and you still get decent colours.. God knows why Sony did this..

Also, the ISO gains on the A77 are higher then most, so for the same ISO, the A77 usually will select a 1/3 stop quicker shutter or small aperture, so I generally bump the ISO down 1/3 stop from where I'd normally set it..

Lastly, the Multiframe NR is really really good in poor light, it is JPEG only, but I've found it useful in dark churches.

Here's a small gallery with some church shots (it was pretty dinghy, 1/60th ISO5000 f/1.8!)


Those are 100% OOC, you can download the originals..

Flash wise, that wedding was a nightmare, so dark and dismal on the wedding day, I used my F58 all day for fill flash/bounce etc and had no issues with flash exposure all day, for direct flash, dial in -0.3EV flash compensation seems a rule of thumb with SLT camera's, but that's about it!

Have you noticed an increase in AF accuracy and speed over the a580?

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