Flat Screen TV vs. Projector for in in person client sales sessions

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Phileas Fogg
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Re: Flat Screen TV vs. Projector for in in person client sales sessions

If you can control ambient light in the area where you will show and sell the images then a  projector will be the best way to go. You will be able to  show as large image size as you want to sell and offer to your clients. On top of that   the larger size will better WOW  the clients  on a  slide show presentation.

AND YES YOU WANT TO SELL LARGE FRAMED WALL PHOTOGRAPHS!!! If you are a  business you need to  go to where  good profit can be made.

If you are unable to better control ambient  light when showing and selling  your images then it's better to  show as large flat screen  monitor as you can get.

Yes, both projectors and flat screens can be  calibrated. You can  use a multitude of  calibration DVD/Blu ray discs  for simple calibration. I'd not worry too much about  ultimate calibration on such as  its not being used in  final image production but only in showing and selling.

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