Someone explain mobile photography to me

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Re: Someone explain mobile photography to me

ljfinger wrote:

David Hart wrote:

For example, I was recently on a 12 day cruise around the coast of Italy.  For one of the excursions, my sister, her friend, and I went to the Isle of Capri.  It was late afternoon and we were sitting in the shade at a scenic location.  We used my ASUS tablet to take photos, connect to Wi-Fi, and uploaded them to Facebook.  Facebook recognized my exact location (my tablet has built-in GPS) and I tagged the photos with my sister and her friend.  Once uploaded, all of our family, friends, etc. who are on Facebook received notifications of the update.  They not only knew that we were doing well and having fun, but they also knew where we were.

Repulsive.  One of the reasons I go on vacation is to NOT have to be connected to all those people.  I tell my family not to call me when I'm gone unless someone has died, and I never call them.  That's one of the main things that makes it a "vacation".

Um, I think that I am missing something here.  How do you equate updating a facebook page with being interrupted by annoying phone calls?  I didn't HAVE to update facebook, I wasn't FORCED to do it, and it wasn't EXPECTED in any way.  I simply did it because I wanted to and I could. For me it was fun.

It now sounds like you are confusing the always-connected mentality (the smartphone always on, always receiving text messages, phone calls, etc.) with mobile photography.  The always-connected mentality is not related to mobile photography and, in my mind, is not healthy.  For mobile photography, all you need is the technology to be connected when you want to, with enough bandwidth to upload photos.  It doesn't mean that you have to always be connected.

For my example above, I took a photo, connected to facebook via WiFi, and uploaded photos, all within a 10 minute span.  By doing so, a connection to what we were doing was created between us and our friends/family.  If you think that is "Repulsive", then mobile photography is just not for you.


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