The Sigma approach is finally getting the recognition due...

Started Oct 12, 2012 | Discussions thread
petr marek Regular Member • Posts: 179
Re: TIFF approach as good and in some ways better

Main problems with SPP weren´t with adjustment scheme, but with overall functionality. When installed I have to change main timezone settings to GMT otherwise loupe and zooming of X3F image won´t work(!). When changed, some other programs won´t work, so I have to change it back after working in SPP. It´s bizarre. On my strong PC (for full HD video editing etc.) with Win7 64-bit it´s slow and often unstable.

Second thing is, when I work with my SD14 x3f in Lightroom or Silkypix, I can reach better results with much wider possibilities and corrections than in SPP (e.g. RGB camera calibration in Lightroom does a great job with higher ISO files etc...)

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