DP2 Merrill and Sigma Photo Pro outputting wrong colors

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Re: DP2 Merrill and Sigma Photo Pro outputting wrong colors

I have a DP2M and am having the same problems as described by Ligament, and I'm using SPP 5.3.2 on a PC running Windows 7.

I've tried changing the preferences working color space from Pro Photo to Adobe and to sRGB, and the output to be various selections like same as Exif, Adobe, sRGB, and there is no combination that outputs a     tiff or jpg file with  the same color/saturation/contrast as shown in SPP. It doesn't matter whether I view the output file in Lightroom or other color-management-aware programs.

Most of my images were taken in pure raw with the Neutral picture setting with Auto White Balance.  I've haven't tried all the various permutations of that, however what little I did try, like Raw, Neutral, Overcast; Raw, Standard, Auto; have yielded the same result.

The results is usually a  very flat looking file in comparison to what I see in SPP in most cases (in all cases they do  not come very close to what I see in SPP). The result for me is that I save the raw files from SPP into Tiff format Pro Photo 16-bit, import them into LR and then usually tweak the hell out of many of the photos for white balance, color saturation and contrast.

I find this work flow to be frustrating and I am indeed stressing out, and I don't have a torn ligament, but I do have a quad tendon tear I am recovering from (tore it before getting the DP2M though :-).

It's really too bad that such an important error has made it's way into a general software release. Bob says that the current version (which I assume is 5.3.2) has a color space bug. I don't know if Bob is getting that info from just his own observation (which of course I agree with) or that he got it from Sigma - meaning I hope Sigma is aware of the problem and is working on it.  Does anyone know that is the case?


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