Struggling with D7K, please help

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Re: Struggling with D7K, please help

I agree with this explanation..........but for starters I would put the camera in Landscape mode and shoot photos...........Landscape mode will use some settings that will help you get sharp, colorful photos.........After looking at those photos you may or may not want to use Aperture mode......but do not forget you do not have the experience some here possess

I do not like the different modes, as they play with the focus settings ,but they just may show you what kind of photos the D7000 is capable of taking.

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Too many replies for me to read, so I may be repeating what someone else has said.

Shutter speed, 1/80 - 1/125 are not going to get sharp pics unless the wind speed is zero. I would try for 1/250 minimum unless you catch a rare windless day. On a high wind day you may need even faster.

Picture control setting: These look like they could have been shot at neutral. Go outside, shoot one pic in raw, download to your computer, go through the picture controls in ViewNX, you may never shoot jpg again or at least until you become so good you always know which picture control to use for the shot and you never forget to make the selection before the shot.

WSSA #44

Thanks for the tips, will certainly try raw shooting

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