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Adobe thanks you for your continued support!

Scott Pickering wrote:

I ended up biting the bullet and did the upgrade path.

This is exactly what Adobe banks on. As others have stated: Adobe products have matured to a point where upgrades are more fluff than substance. The UI gets tweaked from one release to another with questionable success. If it weren't for the RAW converter most of us would be quite happy with Adobe products purchased several years ago.

I think Adobe's stranglehold will eventually come to an end. There are other options that don't require a constant outlay of cash when a new camera hits the market. I've been using Canon's DPP (still free) for RAW conversions and find it works fine for the majority of my needs. If DPP comes up short I'll convert the image to TIFF and export it to PSE. I have to give ACR the edge for noise reduction even though I rarely do any NR processing in post.

As far as pricing, Adobe will offer an upgrade path for existing users although the discounted price is usually higher than just buying the software from an online retailer. I'm getting keen on the just released G15 and will almost certainly ending up "biting the bullet" too.

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