Short hands-on with a GH3

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Short hands-on with a GH3

I was able to handle a GH3 today at a camera show.  It was pre-production firmware but I assume the body was final.  Here are my initial comments:

-Overall build seems good but kind of "plasticky".  Did not bother me too much but just to note.

-While taking pictures and looking through the EVF, the first thing that really bothered me was the focus confirmation beep through the speaker.  I was looking through the EVF with my left eye, so the speaker was relatively close to my ear.  I immediately turned the beeping off.

-there was a noticable pause between shots (which is not there on my G1 or GF1).  Again, this was pre-production firmware, so I assume that will disappear.

-very nice grip and button/wheel placement.  As to be expected from Pany, they have continued well with the physical ergonomics of the camera.

-I like the play button located at the far left edge - easy to get to quickly without having to remove your eye from the EVF.

-using the front wheel to scroll through the menus seemed a little finicky - I prefer 4 directional buttons instead but that would just take getting used to.

-when selecting ISO, one wheel changed the ISO value, and the other selected the ISO limit.  This was very nice!

-When using my 20mm f1.7 lens, it seemed quicker on the GH3 over the G1/GF1.  I cannot confirm if it was quicker, but just felt that way.

-the LCD and EVF were very sharp and bright.  Colors looked good.

-when playing back and scrolling through the images, it is MUCH quicker than my G1/GF1.

-There was another model with the grip attached, and it looked and felt good.  I would probably not bother with it, but if you needed that capability then it is there.  I have tried the OMD-EM5 and that feels much better with the grip, whereas the GH3 feels big enough without it (of course the GH3 is a bigger camera to start with)...

Looking forward to when this camera is released.

Panasonic Lumix DMC-GF1 Panasonic Lumix DMC-GH3
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