Why is the Sony RX1 assigned to the compact Cyber-shot forum?

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Re: a prototype that they are selling to consumers

becasabot wrote:

I am surprised Sony classified this camera as a Cyber-shot, even though it's possible, it's a bit daring.

There are quite a few odd things about the camera. Its lack of a built in EVF, is odd, in my opinion. And the pricing is odd, especially for the accessories.

I don't think that they are really planning on selling many of them, and they don't even want to.That's my guess.

But the package that the sensor is built into, that must be slightly remarkable.

I mean, I am sure that I have seen people in these forums say that this sort of camera could never exist. Full Frame, but compact.

And it really is compact. One needs to see the remarkable photos of the camera being held in a hand.

Sony sells these sensor packages to other companies, and hence this "Cyber-shot" will be a great marketing tool for selling the sensor package to other firms. And Sony itself can get some experience manufacturing the sensor package, in large quantities. And why not sell them ?

My guess is that the camera will eventually disappear from the Cyber-shot line, and nothing will replace it. Although the NEX line will eventually get the same sensor, with the camera it's in also having a built in EVF.

The entire camera is just an anomaly, in my opinion. This is not some new direction that they are planning for the Cyber-shot series. Even they (Sony) were mystified about what to call it, I'd guess. But it will serve its purpose for Sony, for now.

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