Can you imagine not being to sell your old Sony camera?

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Re: Can you imagine not being to sell your old Sony camera?

winedarksea wrote:

Fourth, should this cause succeed, I am certain the any Congress and any President will cooperate to severely limit the impact.

I don't think we have much at all to worry about here.

I'm not sure congress could pass any law much less one with the complexity and potential for additional un- (or not so un-) intended consequences.  They seem to have problems accomplishing anything except sniping at each other.

Even with the best of congresses, they would have to hold hearings, and all the lobbyists for the different interested parties would have to place their bids.  Then all the special interests would have to get their pet unrelated amendments into the bill.  Then the R's and D's will have their pet slant on things (interesting perspective how to deal with D anti big business but pro artist and R counterpoint - in itself with the potential for 4+ way deadlocks.)

NO, unfortunately, it is up to the courts to be the law makers.  They are not bogged down by partisan politics or the need to get reelected.  And they only need 5 to "create" a law as opposed to the 51 Senators and 218 or so reps, plus the president.  It is so much easier to make law in the Court and just let congress do what it does best - 10 second sound bites.


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