Scanning adapter for Olympus?

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Re: Scanning adapter for Olympus?

light diffuser mounted on top of x-y mirror positioner.

Test slide output

I have an Epson scanner, and even though it does four at a time, it still takes a substantial amount of time to scan 4 slides.  Something a bit faster was needed.   I built this frankenduplicator using a creative stars mirror positioner (usually used for positioning mirrors in laser systems) and a diffuser from a handheld slide viewer.  I used the base off a small portable tripod to mount the camera to the wooden base.  The top piece of wood slides back and forth, making it easy to get the image size correct.  The two axis mirror positioner makes it possible to get the slide perfectly parallel to the  face of the lens.   I'm going to try this rig with some of my parents' slides, and see how it works.

The camera is an E-PL1 with a 45mm f2.8 macro lens.   It's not a 1:1 macro duplication since the four thirds sensor is so much smaller, but the lens is pretty good so it doesn't appear to be a problem.  I had the 2 second delay turned on, and the shutter shock delay on which also helps to reduce vibration.

I have a Nikon ES-1 slide copying adapter on order as well, so I'll get to experiment with that.

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