Can you imagine not being to sell your old Sony camera?

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Re: Can you imagine not being to sell your old Sony camera?

DWEverett wrote:

tbcass wrote:

I'm no lawyer but I don't see how copyright law has anything to do with cars and cameras. I wouldn't worry about it because the chaos this would cause will never be allowed. I can see how selling things like books, DVDs, CDs computer software could be covered and the copyright holder would be owed a cut.

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I looked into it a little more.  While the gray market text book purchase is the specific case here one of the precidents is a suit against Costco by Omega (watches)  I had heard recently that Costco used gray market purchases as a big part of their business model but wasn't aware of the suit.

Anyway, copywrites have nothing to do with watches -- except apparently that the Omega logo on the back of the case was covered by copywrite.  That was enough to sue for the "resale" of an omega watch purchased orignally by costco in some other country.  I suspect that you'd find that there are lots of minor copywrited components -- specifically logos -- on a lot of products that one wouldn't otherwise expect.

As to the impact, I don't think it's going to matter to person to person sales.  It's a big deal for the gray market in general though (which I read today is a $63B industry) and for specific companies like ebay that facilitate the transactions.

I would assume that the design of the watch face, case, any firmware in the watch, and custom chips are also copyrighted.

So the same would hold for cameras - the artistic design of the body and all of the firmware/custom chips along with the logos would be covered.

In the early days of personal computers, there was a lot of lost effort by companies trying to protect their OS and software through patents.  But the rulings went against them.  Then they found out that copyright was an easier route and had better protections - thanks to Disney and their lobbyists.


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