G15 & Samsung EX2f & Nikon P7700 ISO performance

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Re: iso3200 rx100 shot has more detail than iso400 others

ijustloveshooting wrote:

between three, Canong G15 is clearly better....but iso3200 rx100 shot still shows more detail than iso400 of others....i'm impressed by rx100...

I wouldn't say that RX100 is vastly better than G15.

I'd say RX100 sensor is better by 1 stop,

but RX100's lens is worse by 1-2 stops at 35mm on over.

Here are some side-by-side comparisons at moderate ISOs for good light as in IR studio

(which will be max ISOs for real-world night/low-light shooting with both cameras)

I resized RX100 image to match G15 output.

1) Texture details retention

shows how much texture is left when lowest NR settings used

Texture details retention (NR set to low on both cameras)

G15 wins by a slight margin, probably due to less "contrasty" JPEG engine and less noise to deal with

2) Fine details readability

Fine details readability (NR set to low on both cameras)

Looks like it is a tie between G15 and RX100. 20MP Sony does not pull more details than 12MP Canon at moderate ISO levels.

3) Resolution test

Resolution test (NR set to low on both cameras)

Here is almost a tie. I'd give a slight edge to RX100 but it is almost invisible.

12MP Canon is equipped with a super-sharp glass that easily matches 20MP Sony at moderate ISO levels.


Both cameras perform about the same in low-light.

Sony has a bit better sensor and Canon has a bit brighter glass.

Resolution difference is negligeble.

Choosing a winner is more a preference of having longer zoom, hotshoe, viewfinder,

color rendition, corner sharpness, size, price, ...

IQ is about the same, point.

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