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Re: Which is more important...

You are asking an "Image Quality" (IQ) question, but there's more to a picture having a Wow factor than just IQ.  There is a difference between  sharpness as produced by the camera/lens and picture sharpness.

Historically lenses out resolved the sensor quality, but recently some sensors are out resolving the lenses.  Canon as one manufacture is slowly resolving this by changing any new lenses issued so that they can with stand higher sensor resolution; an example of this is the two new lenses just released - the 24mm f2.8 IS mk 2, and the same 28mm version.

Picture sharpness can be improved by higher colour saturation, contrast adjustments, etc that will make a picture "pop" and appear sharper than it is.  In fact there is more to a lens than sharpness, and those who have been around the block a few times with lenses, know a lens that is rich in colour saturation and contrast is better than a lens that might be a tad sharper as the image will "pop" more.

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