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Re: Everyone agrees..."painfully unfriendly..." Nonsense

Vlad S wrote:

Corkcampbell wrote:

I have no problem with the menu system of the OM-D; in fact, I really like being able to use the EVF for shooting with the Super Menu available on the LCD. Neither my Sony or Pany cameras offer this (Super Menu). The camera offers enough Fn buttons to program to change settings; the grip offers an additional Fn button, as does my 12-50 kit lens.

I had Panasonic G1, G3, and now Oly E-M5.  I don't think that Olympus "painfully unfriendly," but it takes a lot more effort to set it up. The endless threads on desired firmware features are the testimony to how frustrating the interface can be. It' great that you are happy with it, but many others are not, and you should not sweep them all under the carpet.

As far as Super Control Panel goes, I think Panasonic's Q. menu is a good equivalent, and, unlike SCP, it's customizable.

There are not so many things requested concerning firmware updates :

  • Focus peaking (but that is a feature which none of the mft cameras are offering presently);
  • Mysets on the mode dial (but the Panasonic only have two custom options, while the Olympus offer four of them);
  • An easier way to achieve bracketing.

Those requests are often issued by Panasonic owners and of course these things could be improved on Olympus cameras, but  :

  • Concerning the Mysets, I prefer to have more Mysets easily accessible (for instance on the SCP) rather than only two of them on the mode dial. What I miss mostly is a way to give meaningful names to those Mysets. 
  • Concerning bracketing, the way they are implemented on the Panasonic cameras prevents you to use the timer on a tripod when bracketing; what I'd like is bracketing accessible from the SCP and allowing the use of the timer or anti-shock and that the cameras shoots all the sequence when you are in continuous mode. 

So neither the Panasonic cameras, nor the Olympus ones are perfect when it comes to custom settings and bracketing. Each camera, not only the Panasonic and the Olympus have ther quirks and you have to learn how to work around them. Also, you have to get progressively acquainted with each new brand of cameras.

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