I just noticed that whoever is leaving thumbs down is following me to the Sony Forum

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Re: I just noticed that whoever is leaving thumbs down is following me to the Sony Forum

Tom Caldwell wrote:

sphexx wrote:

If you are right and you are being stalked then you only increase the "fun" for the stalker by commenting on it. Best just to ignore your down votes .

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Richard, good point, but I say "bring it on" the best way to get rid of the thumbs facility is to abuse it - let's all throw negatives (grin) but I guess who ever is doing it is going to get banned sooner or later.

I doubt if the powers that be up in dpreview HQ are at all amused by someone taking a wrecking ball to the forum by misusing a process.

Multiple neagtives is surely a way to get noticed just as much as multiple positives.

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Tom Caldwell

Tom, in principle I'm in favour of a rating system and it works well in some forums, though maybe there are just too many silly people on dpreview.

I think a better system would be like that on eg seriouscompacts.com where one can click to add "thanks" to a post and your username appears so it is not anonymous. There are no down votes but the forum is heavily moderated.

I have been trying to use the thumbs-up that way here, so I give an up to anyone who posts images or posts helpful information. Most of the downs I have given I have been to negate the pointless downs given to Joel and you - though i would definititely give Joel a down if he post any more 'GXR Full Frame rumours'!!! However, I don't think it works out unless every sensible person works more or less the same way.

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