RX100 Does a club show (Dinosaur Jr)

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Re: RX100 Does a club show (Dinosaur Jr)

brian brian wrote:

Interesting. Thanks for the information! I'm definitely going to consider recording the songs externally and trying to sync them up later. I might try to use my iPhone's built in mic as it's pretty good for what it is. Do you happen to have any information on the iPhone's mic in comparison to the RX100 and handheld recorders?

No, I don't know about the iPhone's mic but I'd be surprised if it could match a good digital audio recorder like the Sony PCM-M10.  I bought the Sony PCM-M10 to get better audio to go with the RX100 but it gets expensive when you add the cost of external microphones I think you need.  You can't hold up a camera and recorder at the same time.

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