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Re: Is the world ending anytime soon?

PhotoHawk wrote:

I think you have the right perspective.  Adobe isn't going anywhere, the DNG code is freely available, we all know how to code for it, for those camera manufacturers that go out of their way to keep their customers captive (encryption of WB information anyone? How about something arcane like the position of the left lever detent on the camera?) make it difficult to convert to DNG and their customers accept it, then fine let them be.  For the rest of us its best to make choices on reason tempered with some realism.  A raw is exactly that - the pixels from the sensor out of the camera.  And although DNG does allow the recording of the other information (yes it does) at what point does the concept of "raw" become "raw incidentally" in that it is more camera settings than pixels?

I agree with Thom Hogan (I'll bring him up since someone else did) - camera manufacturers are not particularly good software development shops.  He was aiming that comment at Nikon.  But funnily enough Adobe is good at it.  I think that they did a pretty good job with DNG and Photoshop is pretty much the de facto pixel pushing software.  And as for DNG going away let me say the same for TIFF (which Adobe owns) of PNG or any of the other intermediate formats that we all store our work in.  See how stupid the "DNG is not going to last argument can get?"  If it doesn't then we can question every format we use in the same way.  And that is not a valid argument in my books.  It ranks up there with "are we really even here?"

Maybe the question the anti DNG'ers out there may want to ask themselves is, "do third party software houses support all the peculiarities of the camera makers native raw or do only the camera makers photo editing software"? Now then, who is doing what to who?

Aside from that, to this point in time, we can decode most of the camera makers native raw files out there mostly due to the efforts on one man, Dave Coffin.  So I figure any choice you make is safe should any one of these makers leave the business.  Except Dave doesn't decode Nikon picture controls (or the position of that left detent lever on the camera) because they are not the raw pixels.  You know - the information off the sensor. As opposed to the position of the right or left camera lever.

Nobody is Anti DNG here. I think you got this very wrong. Nobody is arguing the benefits of DNG as a concept. I think it's a brilliant ideea, and also have some technological benefits. I would love if all the cameras shoot in DNG and all software support that. But it's just like Linux. So many benefits, so much power into the software, open source, but complete lack of Pro support from app makers and many hardware makers. I think keeping original manufacturer RAW files is by far the best bet right now.

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