1D: how to paint it?

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Re: 1D: how to paint it?

srjohnso wrote:

plevyadophy wrote:

At last!!

The kind of advice I was hoping for.

I can't really tell from the pictures, but did you get an exact colour match?

I think the color match was real close. I was really impressed at how close it was to the original. Maybe not 100% but not visibly noticeable unless you new it was there.

Sometimes black isn't black if you get my meaning? For example someone earlier in the thread suggested using a permanent marker pen. I have found that not to work because the marker pen leaves a kind of sheen that catches light and then looks odd. Other times you spray something black and when it drys it looks more like very dark grey.

The black matched good. The only thing I would consider doing is next time I need to touch up a spot is, I would also buy a bottle of Testors black semi-gloss and mix in a little to match the paint to the original. The Testors flat black is very close but it could use just a tiny bit of the semi-gloss to match the original paint shine.

And can you recall the proportion of thinner to paint you used?

Mixed in Testors paint thinner so it would spray nice out the airbrush. Just trial and error method. Also practice airbrushing on something else first until you feel comfortable.

And what did you thin the paint with?

Finally, what was the cost of the kit for the paint job?

I don't remember for sure. I think $35 for the airbrush, $10 for the airbrush propellent (I didn't want to buy a compressor) and $5 for the paint.

Somewhere around $50 total. Seems like a lot for a touchup job but I can use the airbrush on other projects too.

Thanks in advance.

Sure. Hope it works for you as good as it did for me.


Sorry, I forgot to ask before:

(1) What Kind of Paint?

What type of paint was it that you used? Oil based or what?

( 2 ) From where?

D'ya get the paint from an art shop, modelling shop, or car spares type shop?

( 3 ) Preparation?

Did you do any prep before painting? Like sanding down a little? Or using primer? Or did you just spray straight on top with out any prep?

( 4 ) Finish

How many coats of paint did it take to get the desired result?

Thanks in advance.

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