RX100 Does a club show (Dinosaur Jr)

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Re: RX100 Does a club show (Dinosaur Jr)

I think the recording of loud music on the RX100 is very so-so. The lack of a external mic input is a real shortcoming.

I find the audio very compressed in comparison to a decent digital audio recorder such as the  Sony PCM-M10 recorder, especially if the WNR filter is on.

Here's a direct comparison I ran which shows the difference:


Here's the wave file showing the clipping of the the RX100 on that recording:

Here's another example of loud music with the booming and compressed bass:


Very distorted to me.

A couple more where I'm right up on the stage monitors:



I think good audio is very dependent on where your do the recording in a venue.  Where the RX100 really shines is when you're up close because of its limited and slow zoom.  Unfortunately, you often get fairly blown out audio recordings for loud shows.  At least that's my impression so far.

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