DNG the RAW answer

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Re: I am not very sure

Converting to DNG is not an option for many, many photographers. I have my NEF files that I can edit in Lightroom, Photoshop, Apple Aperture, DxO, Capture One, Silkypix, Photomatix and others. Depending on the type of edit, they all have strong points.

So you converted your files to DNG, what software reads those files properly ? Hmmm, you guessed it, only Adobe software. Some read them poorly, some don't read them at all. But they all read original NEF's, or CR2's. or ARW's or ORF's

I say DNG is a STUPID idea. Yes, maybe you only use Lightroom now, but what if tomorrow Apple comes out with a version of Aperture that is revolutionary and kills Lightroom ? How are you going to open your DNG's ? Are you sure you'll only use Adobe software for the rest of your life ?

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