X-E1 for Studio and flash triggering?

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Re: X-E1 for Studio and flash triggering?

Tajuton wrote:

Thank you. Im also worried about two things the flash sync speed of X-e1 and ability to use flash on top of the camera as fuji does not have good flash for that. Bouncing flash from a wall when shooting kids. ( i have thos blood suckers) D700 is most parts what i need exept the street photography wich i feel D700 to be bit too much to lug around and very obtrusive. Big camera with a loud mirror slap.

So, X-e1 benefits: Street photos. Studio work? Kids when staying still.

cons: slow focus no running kids + kids with flash?, flash/studio work?

D700 can do it all exept inconviniences what mentioned before. Am i just reaching too far when trying to get only one camera and wishing it to be X-e1?

Let me tell you that the XPro1 is kind of a pain in the rear for flash photography due to the way the controls work.

I often want to use the maximum sync speed of 1/180s but the dial only has 1/125 and 1/250. You will have to pick one (say 1/250) and then use the arrow key to fine-tune speed to 1/180s. Sounds simple right? No. As soon as you review an image, it's got reset to 1/250s again. Not only that, it feels the need to reset focus distance too, if you're using manual focus to shoot macro, you'll have to focus again.

Truly a pain in the ass if you ask me.

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