Buy an OM-D now or wait?

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Re: Buy an OM-D now or wait?

stimpy wrote:

Hi. DSLR user here looking for something more portable and less invasive as I am finding that I just do not take the D90 and lenses anywhere these days and so not getting any value from it.
I am not really up to speed with modern cameras, but have been pretty sold on the OM-D reviews and until today I had decided to get:

OM-D Body  £999
12mm M.Zuiko £465
25mm Summilux £389
45mm - Free

Total: £1853

But now I wonder if it's wise to wait and see what the Fuji XE-1 is like when it arrives in a few weeks?
I would imagine both cameras will satisfy me from a quality point of view - and my only reservation with the OM-D is the menus which everyone seems to agree is painfully unfriendly.

But what would sway me either way is the future resell value of either system. It's a lot of money to spend and I would feel much better knowing that in 6 months or 2 years I would have the option of selling it on without too much of a hit.

I have tried googling, and it seems some think the future is in mft, others seem convinced a compact FF is where the future is and others think the Fujis will be around for years.

As mentioned I am a little out of the game with regards to all of that so looking for reassurance, or advice!

Given my needs (a more portable camera, good for portraits, landscapes and product photography) and budget (2k ish) would you buy now or hold off and see what comes out / what happens to the various systems?

I am in no rush apart from the obvious excitement of getting a new camera!

I was in the same position as you and opted for the omd, the fuji looks very nice but the larger range of generally cheaper, smaller m43 lenses swung it for me.

I also wanted a camera that focused quickly and I saw a video comparing the xpro 1 (latest firmware; supposed to be the same speed as xe-1) vs omd and there was a clear difference.

You are obviously torn though so you might as well wait a couple of weeks!

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