Elinchrom D-Lite vs BXRi to go sets

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Elinchrom D-Lite vs BXRi to go sets

I first bought the Elinchrom D-Lite kit and while it is great, I quickly realized I should have purchased the BXRi kit. The D-Lite kit is what Elinchrom advertises it to be, a beginners kit. B&H was kind enough to let me exchange the D-Lite for the BXRi set, so I have hands on experience with both kits now. The BXRi lights also are well described by Elinchrom as an entry pro level kit.

First question: Am I happy with my decision to exchange the D-Lite set for the BXRi set? Yes I am.

Here are the advantages of the BXRi that I find most important:

- The flash duration of the BXRi is about half that of the D-Lite. Pictures are much more crisp. It even helps when photographing a resting human model.

- The BXRi is a stronger build and one is less limited in using heavier light modifiers.

- One can assign different groups to different lights, then remote controlledly change their power setting and individually trigger them with the Skyport transmitter. This is very helpful when metering the lights and adjusting their power setting. With the D-Lite set the process was much more cumbersome.

- This might seem minor at first but I find it big: The transmitter that comes with the BXRi set can be fastened to the camera with a screw mechanism. The transmitter that comes with the D-Lite set cannot and the D-Lite transmitter always was in danger of falling off my camera.

- The recycle time of the BXRis seems much shorter to me.

- The built in fans in the BXRis are much quieter than those of the D-Lites.

Both the D-Lite and the BXRi lights tend to overheat during heavy use, despite that both have fans and might go into a protection mode from time to time.

The D-Lite 4 sets go for around 800 dollars online, while the BXRi sets go for around 1300 dollars. It is quite a difference in price I admit, but I recommend to everyone planning to buy the D-lites to heavily look into the BXRi lights before choosing. To me the BXRi lights are a solid investment that I believe will serve me well for a long time.

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