Someone explain mobile photography to me

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Re: Someone explain mobile photography to me

As David said, I think you are conflating a couple of things

  • Mobile photography - the taking of pictures with your mobile phone.  As per the rationale of the site, this is often a case of "it's the only camera I have with me", though with the inevitable increases in quality of mobile phone cameras it is easy to believe that this could become "this is the camera I want to use"
  • Social networking - that can be done with or without pictures.  

In my case, I use Facebook to keep up with friends and family in ways I never used to be able to do.  I take part in stage shows, and keep up with people from across the UK, that I would only see once a year or two, and enjoy the banter that I can have with them.

And sure, I do post photos on facebook - but not all the pictures I take.  And normally I have taken them away and edited them before I post.


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