Dust on D800 sensor

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Re: Dust on D800 sensor

dadopic wrote:

After shooting a wedding and changing lenses often in the forest where the wedding was set, I found out I had some speckles of dust on my photos, so I did some test shots and noticed I had some dust on the sensor, I decided to be very careful but to blow air with the giotto hand pump holding the camera upside down. after that I took some more shots and NOW I have a thousand more speckels.

Dont know how that could have happened, and now I don t know if I should risk and try to clean it myself or send it to Nikon.

it is still under warranty. My question is, if I send it to Nikon, would that use up my warranty or it is a one year long no matter how many times I send it to Nikon? or is it one time only in one year period?

second and ladst question: if you say to risk and clean it myself what is the best procedure (dry and or wet I know there is more then one type of cleaning procedure out there. I sued to clean my own my old D2X with great results but this one I feel scared and being stil lunder warranty...


Personally I got a lot of dust and oil on the sensor of my D800 during the first few thousand clicks. I simply ordered an eclipse sensor swab cleaning kit for 20 bucks, and did it myself. Haven't needed to clean it since and I'm pushing 6k shots now.

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