Switching from Canon 7D to FF (advice needed)

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Re: Switching from Canon 7D to FF (advice needed)

hikaruggggg wrote:

ThuiQuaDayNe wrote:

Go dual.

Keep your 7D and 70-200 for sports perhaps portrait too and sell the other two lens to buy a D600 and a 85mm 1.8g.  That 70-200 on a 7D is still formidable with good light.   Besides I hear that new 24-70 II L is wicked,  2300 bucks though..  Ouch!

The L Lens to Canon is like Exmor sensor to Nikon.

I don't really want to go dual
I really love my 35L and 70-200L; they produce sharp images and focus very quickly
I have the same experience with my friend's Canon 85 f/1.8

I've tried Nikon 35 f/1.4G on D600 - it focusing speed is much slower than 35L; I am not sure why since 35G is release few years ago while 35L is already over 10 years......

I still have my 60d with the 85mm 1.8g on all the time and it focuses faster than my D600 85mm 1.8g or on my friend D800.  It's the lens!  The canon 85mm is one of the fastest focus lenses,  quicker than some L Lens.  It is sharp too.

If DR is not important you at low ISO,  save and buy the M3.  It does not have the best sensor,  but it is the best all around prosumer camera just like the 7d for crop.

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