Do you think it is a waste to get only D800 + 28 f/1.8G + 85 f/1.8G?

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Re: Do you think it is a waste to get only D800 + 28 f/1.8G + 85 f/1.8G?

Zardoz wrote:

Hi friend,

Yes. Get the 24/1.4G. The 28/1.8G is bad news.

That's news to me.,,,,,, etc, have all reviewed the lens and praised it highly. Personally, I use it more than any other lens I own, and have been pleased.

In no way am I suggesting that it's better than the 24mm. But the 24mm is pushing 2K in price... It should be better.

goshigoo wrote:

I was thinking the D600 + 28 f/1.8G and 85 f/1.8G combo previously, as it has high price performance ratio and both lenses are more suitable for D600 in terms of price range
However I prefer the D800 after seeing this:
so what do you think of getting D800 + 28 f/1.8G + 85 f/1.8G 
do you think it is wasting the ability of D800?

In my opinion, this comparison is mostly worthless. Comparing raw files will give you a much better look into how both cameras deal with noise. If you compare the raw files here on DPR, you will find the D600 keeps up just fine with the D800.. And maybe performs a little better at 3200 and 6400 in the noise department.

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