5DMkII, PocketWizard Plus III, 580EX & 430EX

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Re: 5DMkII, PocketWizard Plus III, 580EX & 430EX

Jacqueline Dessel wrote:

Quick question.

I have a 5D Mark II and I want to trigger my 580EX and 430EX, both off camera.

I'm under the impression that if I want something wireless, I can buy 2 PocketWizard Plus III transceivers, put one on my camera, attach one to the 580EX, and then the 580EX will trigger the 430EX without needing a third Plus III.

1 - Do I understand this correctly?

Yes actually it can work - but not with automatic E-TTL flash manual flash power needs to be set in both the 580EX and 430EX

2 - Is there anything about this setup that will cause me to lose any of my flash's features?

Yes you lose automatic flash exposure, high speed sync etc - pretty much everything except the chance to trigger the flashes in manual.

Thanks for your help. I searched the forum and the web for this, and I'm sure I've come across the answer but I'm brand new to using flash and I don't understand a lot of the terminology in the info that I've found. I've had products suggested to me to use, but either I haven't really understood what they do, or they are out of my price range. Now that I see the Plus III, that's realistic for me and I'm hoping that's all I need to do for such a simple setup. So I apologize if this has been answered here already, I just need it dummied down for me.

Thanks again for all the help everyone here is always so generous with.


If you do this with Pocket Wizard Plus III then you have to use a hotshoe adapter on the 580EX (also with the 580EX II). Put the 580EX II in to master mode, and then put it in manual and set the power level you want, plus set the 430EX in slave mode and set it to manual with the power you want. Then when the camera fires, the wizards will fire the master (580EX) and it will trigger the slave (430EX). Note if you have a 580EX II they don't work like this if you connect to the PC socket on the flash, only work via the hotshoe. You will also need line of sight between the master (580) and slave (430) flashes.

To be honest the suggestions about the Odins elsewhere is a nicer solution you will have the manual flash options with remote control, plus auto flash and high speed sync flash too.

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